Cannot Bring the Human Out of Recruitment

Cannot Bring the Human Out of Recruitment

Cannot Bring the Human out of RecruitmentAccording to Heather Huhman on Mashable, technology will help HR recruit the best candidates. From video interviews to social media and big data, she says that it’ll be easier for recruiters to hire right.

Huhman refers to some data presented by Spark Hire, an online video resume and interviewing platform, on why HR should use technology to make more accurate hiring decisions.

Interesting facts from the HR tech industry

94% of recruiters use or plan to apply social media as part of their recruitment mix. According to Spark Hire, 33% of recruiters said it lead to a decrease in time to hire, 43% said it results in a higher quantity of applications and 49% said they have better suited candidates.
• Over 60% of employers are now using video interviews to hire while 13% of HR managers think their organization will use more video. Interestingly, a recruiter can process 10 one-way videos in the time it takes to do one phone screening.
• More than $2 billion will be spent on gamification services by 2015.
• 70% of job seekers use mobile devices to look for jobs yet only 7% of employers have a mobile website.


The use of technology is certainly important to support the HR function in finding the best candidates. However, it doesn’t replace the importance of human interaction, which is imperative to engage with and not simply process candidates into a system. For example, recruiters can probably process 10 one-way videos for every single phone screening, yet it’s indeed “one-way” and there is no dialogue, exchange of opinions, thoughts, experiences, two-way flow of information…that makes for good communication.

In addition, there are other arguments that claim that social media shouldn’t be used as a sourcing tool but more as a means to build long-term relationships and engage with interesting candidates. The most common source of recruitment is still internal hires and employee referrals and only a tiny amount of hires actually come from social media. The trend can certainly change, as employers experiment more with this medium and as they use it to better profile candidates, but for now social media should be used as just another communication channel to interact with potential hires.

Employers should certainly use technology to become more efficient and effective in their hiring processes. Nevertheless, they should still work hard on engaging with candidates to build valuable human relationships. In short, you can’t bring the human out of recruitment.


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