Capturing the Game-Changers

Capturing the Game-Changers

Capturing-The-Game-ChangersNever before have people been more important to a company’s future success than today. The growing complexity of the world and the accelerating speed of change make future development harder to predict. In this fast paced environment, companies must be nimble and think outside of the box to stay competitive. Having access to talent that can deliver the required level of change and innovation is imperative.

In all teams, there are few individuals who excel, who raise the bar, that innovate and inspire the rest towards greatness. They can be specialists or generalists, introverts or extroverts, but they all possess the passion, curiosity, creativity and drive to influence both their peers and their companies. We call them the game-changers; their ability to think and act in new ways is a key factor for companies to thrive in this rapidly evolving marketplace.

Why focus on the game-changers?

According to McKinsey, talent tends to outperform average performers by 150% across job duties. Therefore, it is critical to focus on attracting the best candidates to your organisation. The quality of talent that a company is able to attract, determines its ability to execute business goals, strategize for the future and be successful in the long-term. Besides being instrumental to delivering results and adding business value, “great people attract other great people”. This is the most effective weapon in the war for talent.

Given the positive effects these individuals have on an organisation, the competition for them is fierce. It is crucial for companies to present a clear view of their values and mission to capture the interest of these exceptional achievers.

This study focuses on these game-changers and provides insights on their characteristics, motivations, employment desires, and career goals. It is critical for all organisations to recognize, attract, recruit and retain these desired individuals to remain competitive in their specific industry and to prosper, grow and evolve.

About this report

In Universum’s first talent report, 7,218 top ranked respondents attending premier universities around the world were surveyed. In addition, data was supplemented with insights from in-depth interviews with 72 exceptional students, senior executives, leading entrepreneurs and professors.