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CareerTest Methodology

Our Methodology

We conduct research across the globe to collect data in order to learn about the global talent market, using both quantitative and qualitative research methods. With this knowledge we help employers to shape their employer brand and match them with the right talent.

We have two key approaches: Syndicated research and tailored research.

Syndicated research:  We run the CareerTest by Universum in over 23 countries annually. We use a standardised questionnaire with some minor variations due to local differences between markets.

Tailored research: We offer adhoc tailored solutions customised to suit client needs that are outside the scope of our syndicated research.

The CareerTest by Universum

The CareerTest is available online on any computer, smartphone or tablet. Every year we ask over 1 million students and professionals about their career preferences and aspirations as well as their ideal employers.

We continually evaluate our research content to remain agile and to be able to answer our client´s questions.  The selection of employers listed is based on extensive research on the most relevant employers in the market and suggestions from the respondents. This is an unbiased evaluation and no employer can buy themselves onto the list.

​We work with aggregated data to ensure that no respondent can be identified by their responses to the CareerTest. In addition, we also strive to not have any questions that can be perceived to be sensitive in the survey. It’s important to note that participation is 100% voluntary and respondents can choose to stop the CareerTest at any time.

We offer a wide range of products based on the data to employers wanting to learn more about talent. Learn more about our Analytics products here.