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Talent Mixology

Giving expression to the Camparista experience

Client Brief

To develop a global EVP and creative platform which reflects and amplifies the distinctive values and culture of the Campari Group and the attractive nature of the Camparista experience.

Finding a partner for our employer brand program was not easy. They needed to be global, extremely credible, both soundly strategic and with in-house content production capabilities, as we needed to quickly turn a new framework into engaging deliverables. Among the many providers we evaluated Universum was really the only one up to the task and our relationship proved to be a clear success factor.

Lorenzo Fedele

Culture and Employer Branding Director, Campari Group

Shaping a Successful Employer Brand

Employer Value Proposition Development

Campari approached us following a recommendation from Ferrero, who we had enjoyed a close working relationship with for many years, a company with a similar Italian heritage, global footprint and portfolio of iconic brands. We were immediately struck by Campari’s warmth and hospitality, true to their byline ‘Toasting Life Together’.  Our interviews with Camparistas across the business revealed a highly diverse and cosmopolitan organization, brimming with character and personality.

At a fairly early stage in the discovery process, we came up with the notion of ‘talent mixology’ as way of describing the constant interplay of people and ideas at the heart of the Camparista experience. The active ingredients that came to define the EVP and creative expression, flowed from this, with the juxtaposition of different elements creating the unique ‘Signature Mix’ that makes Campari such a stimulating and engaging place to work.

Bring Your Twist

Creative Campaign

Bring Your Twist was one of three creative campaigns that we helped develop to communicate the Signature Mix EVP, drawing on Camparista photographic shoots in Milan, New York, and Cape Town. This campaign was designed for external talent who may not have a strong perception of Campari Group. It uses the metaphor of the twist to reference the unique, sometimes counterintuitive combination of ingredients that Campari looks for in people.

Employer Brand Consulting

Do you need to refresh your EVP or are you interested in Employer Brand Consulting?

Given the ever-increasing pace of change in the talent market, leading employers are now reviewing and refreshing their Employer Value Propositions on a more frequent basis. If this is something you’re considering, find out how we can help you create a more compelling and differentiated EVP.

Campari Group

About the company

Campari Group is a major player in the global spirits industry, with a portfolio of over 50 premium and super-premium brands. Headquartered in Sesto San Giovanni, Italy, Campari Group trades in over 190 nations and employs approximately 4,000 people.

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