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Find out why the small insurance company from Norway found it crucial to build a solid EVP

Client Brief

To find the relevant stories and data-supported communication themes that could elevate the Employer Brand and the awareness of the talent they want to recruit and retain.

Fremtind is an attractive employer with important social responsibility. With Universum’s help, we became aware of our strengths, where we stand out and what kind of stories we can communicate to take a clear position in the talent market. It’s important for us to build a strong relationship with both present and future employees – who are Fremtind’s main resource.

Simen Berntsen Rudi

Head of Communication, Fremtind

Shaping a Successful Employer Brand

Communication Pillars

Through internal data driven insights about the current strengths and future aspirations of Fremtind as an employer, as well as external talent market data, Fremtind and Universum developed three focus areas for communication in a collaborative workshop.

Communication Themes

Fremtind needed to take the direction of their storytelling as an employer. Universum developed the conditions for communication and created three communication themes that reflected Fremtind’s culture, purpose and career opportunities.

  • “Together we move mountains”
  • “If you want to be ahead you may never stand still”
  • “Do you want to create something new and build something great?”

Employer Brand Consulting

Do you need to refresh your EVP or are you interested in Employer Brand Consulting?

Given the ever-increasing pace of change in the talent market, leading employers are now reviewing and refreshing their Employer Value Propositions on a more frequent basis. If this is something you’re considering, find out how we can help you create a more compelling and differentiated EVP.


About the company

Fremtind is the result of a merger between the Norwegian insurance companies of SpareBank 1 and DNB. They are one of Norway’s largest insurance companies – and the largest supplier of insurance sold in banks.

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