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Unleash your nature - Your nature is who you are, It's the set of beliefs that drive how you do what you do, and what you want from life.
And it's the starting point for a career at FrieslandCampina. There, you can unleash your natural potential and stay true to who you are as we shape the future of dairy together.

Client Brief

The objective of this project was to define a global EVP that would guide all further Employer Branding initiatives, both internally and externally.

The project was facing several challenges connected to the ongoing business transformation process on the global level and the existence of many local Employer Branding initiatives. The successful Global EVP for FrieslandCampina was aimed at representing the essence of the company culture and the global diversity of the employees. Being relevant to & differentiated on the local talent markets, and being aligned with the company’s future direction.

At the start of our EVP journey, we looked for a partner with a validated and strategic approach, access to global talent market data, and a clear framework to build on. Universum ticked all boxes and proved to be a credible partner. Together we established a solid foundation and created a strong and compelling EVP for FrieslandCampina. This foundation enables us to communicate our Employer Brand proposition in a consistent way, globally and locally. In our eyes, EVP is more than Employer Branding. We bring the EVP to life by embedding it in the most relevant touchpoints as well like onboarding, learning, and rewards. That makes our promise true, credible, and aspirational.

Rutger Groenewegen

Global Employer Branding Manager, FrieslandCampina

Shaping a Successful Employer Brand

EVP Development and Implementation

One of the prioritized projects within the current strategy was the development and implementation of the FrieslandCampina Employer Value Proposition. FrieslandCampina’s aim was to distinguish itself from the recruitment competitors, boost its internal pride, and move closer to the goal of being considered a truly attractive employer. Both internally and externally. Together with Universum, FrieslandCampina developed the global EVP.

frieslandcampina case universum 2022
frieslandcampina case universum 2022

Employer Brand Positioning

FrieslandCampina’s Employer Brand was defined and positioned in terms of archetypical personality based on the strong emotional expression of care, authenticity, and trust.

A clearly defined archetypical personality creates a foundation for an emotional connection to the potential employees who share the company values. Emotion gives authentic Employer Brands unique meaning and purpose in the eyes of employees and candidates. And it creates an instinctive attraction that goes beyond rational reasons. Acting like a self-selecting tool, they attract the ‘right’ candidates to the company, whilst sorting out the ones who are unlikely to fit into the culture.

Change Management Input

One of the important deliverables of the project was the input into the change management: the EVP pillars which should be enhanced within the company and the recommended actions.

frieslandcampina case universum 2022
frieslandcampina case universum 2022

EVP Localization

Talent insights reports for the major markets: talent preferences, communication channels, competitors’ landscape, and global employee survey results. Based on talent preferences data, FrieslandCampina was provided with EVP activation cards per country and target group. Input into the external and internal EVP communication in different countries.

Winner of Talent Awards 2021

In 2021, FrieslandCampina was selected as the winner for ‘Best Employer Brand’ in the Netherlands by LinkedIn Talent Awards. This recognition was considered a testament to all colleagues around the world who helped bringing the Employer Branding story Unleash Your Nature to live. 

LinkedIn Talent Awards spotlights companies and people across the globe who have excelled in the last year at engaging with talent, creating inclusive workplaces, building strong Employer Brands, encouraging learning and development, and focusing on employee retention. Finalist companies demonstrated their ability to adapt, innovate and move the talent community forward into the new world of work.

frieslandcampina linkedin talent awards 2021 universum

Employer Brand Consulting

Do you need to refresh your EVP or are you interested in Employer Brand Consulting?

Given the ever-increasing pace of change in the talent market, leading employers are now reviewing and refreshing their Employer Value Propositions on a more frequent basis. If this is something you’re considering, find out how we can help you create a more compelling and differentiated EVP.


About the company

FrieslandCampina supplies consumer products. Such as milk, yogurt, cheese, infant nutrition and desserts, products for the professional market, such as cream and butter products, ingredients and semi-finished products for producers of infant nutrition, the food industry, and the pharmaceutical sector. They have branches in 32 countries and export to more than one hundred countries worldwide. At year-end 2021, FrieslandCampina employed 22,038 workers (FTEs).

frieslandcampina logo universum 2022

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