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Mercado Libre

An EVP refresh for a company transforming lives by
democratizing e-commerce and financial services in Latin America

Client Brief

To position Mercado Libre (MELI) as the employer of choice in the Latin America region. To be accomplished by refreshing their EVP and localizing it to each key market in a way that is impactful and drive awareness to the world-class experience of working at MELI.

The process included 4 main projects: EVP update with a data-driven approach, Regional research, EVP segmentation and localization and Career website development.

At Mercado Libre we seek to attract, engage and develop the best talent by building world-class teams. Through our people-focused employer brand, we clearly and transparently communicate, transmit and reflect what defines us and makes us unique: our culture and DNA. The projects developed together with Universum have allowed us to strengthen our Employer Brand strategy, achieving greater segmentation of our value proposition to improve our positioning.

Gastón Charry

Employer Brand Manager at Mercado Libre

Shaping a Successful Employer Brand

Updating the Employer Value Proposition

Mercado Libre is committed to transforming the lives of millions of people in Latin America. They are doing this by democratizing commerce and financial services with a digital-first approach. This cutting-edge mindset paired with research conducted by Universum embraced a concept focused on entrepreneurship, innovation and purpose.

A data-driven approach to develop and localize this EVP was crucial to identify the key elements that could effectively resonate with each of the target segments. According to Universum research, talent in the region was seeking a career that could easily integrate into their lifestyle. They wanted an entrepreneurial outlook and a purpose to serve a greater good. The three core attributes: Evolution, Impact and Adrenaline are linked to the concept of a company that is making history on the go and propelling an entire region forward.



Being a regional company with operations in all Latin America comes with a challenge. How to adapt communication to each unique local context?

Aware of cultural, social and economic differences for every market, Mercado Libre trusted Universum to run extensive talent market research to identify key attributes that resonate with talent in each market. During the research, a special focus was given to Mexico, Brazil and Argentina based on their relevance for the operations growth and revenue at Mercado Libre.

Developing a world-class career site

Mercado Libre worked with Universum in the development of a career website based on the core attributes identified for the EVP. The website not only allows to search opportunities by country and field but it also reflects innovation, teamwork, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

The career site features three corporate values: play to win, beta mindset and free to be myself and showcases the stories of multiple employees in different areas and locations. Candidates are presented with a compelling content set that conveys a clear idea of what it means to work at Mercado Libre.


Employer Brand Consulting

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Mercado Libre

About the company

Mercado Libre hosts the largest online commerce and payments ecosystem in Latin America. Through their online commerce platform and related services, Mercado Libre provides online commerce and payments tools that contribute to the development of a large and growing e-commerce community. They also foster entrepreneurship and social mobility in the region.


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