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Novo Nordisk

Creating a custom Employer Branding course for a global healthcare company.

Client Brief

Novo Nordisk had a strong global EVP. The next step was to onboard and enable their teams across the globe to implement the EVP in a consistent but localized manner.

By providing the insights, assets and guidance through an interactive online course for global talent acquisition, HR, recruitment and communications teams to take, they could: Engage with and strengthen Novo Nordisk’s global EVP and activate the EVP on the local level to meet local needs.

Furthermore, the Employer Branding fundamentals and strategic framework helped upskill their workforce in the field of Employer Branding to boot.

Our custom Novo Nordisk Employer Branding Academy was the perfect blend of deep, world-leading employer branding insights and the passion, creativity and dedication from the Employer Branding Team at Novo Nordisk. Powered by the forward-thinking aspiration to set employer branding free, colleagues across Novo Nordisk are now able to learn about, engage with and activate our employer brand life-changing careers. It has been a pleasure to come together on a joint mission to create high-impact employer branding, in a world that needs it more than ever.

Hans Ubbe Ebbesen

Director of Employer Branding & Onboarding, Novo Nordisk

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Custom Employer Branding Academy course

Based on the learning objectives, we crafted a course roadmap that would take the learners through 4 modules. Each module focused on answering a fundamental question and was organized into key topics for the learners to explore. Furthermore, a second ”Practitioner” level was included in each module specifically for the Talent Acquisition team to gain more guidance for their role along the way.

Module 1: Why do companies need to be an attractive employer?

The Novo Nordisk team was keen on shining a light on the value and impact of employer branding by taking an inspirational outside-in approach. The module introduced how environmental factors have strong implications for the talent management field – from technological disruption, to the changing workforce. This laid the groundwork for presenting the “what” and “why” of employer branding.

Module 2: What is the EVP and how does it benefit Novo Nordisk?

Their EVP is the holistic foundation for all the fantastic employer branding work that they needed their teams fully onboard with. It was therefore important to first provide a solid understanding of the value and structure of an EVP, the role it plays, and how it serves to help them stand out from the competition as a truly unique place to work.

Module 3: What is Novo Nordisk’s EVP?

“Life-Changing Careers” runs deep. It unifies employees across the globe when positioning Novo Nordisk as a great place to work. The third module of the course explores the different EVP elements such as their three narratives – life, change, and careers. It was important to show how it enables them to stand united, while embracing the diversity of their organization. The visual expression was also positioned as a key framework that ties together how they communicate their EVP, and the stories they tell. 

Module 4: How can you use the Novo Nordisk EVP in your daily work?

Novo Nordisk’s mission is to “set employer branding free” and engage all their colleagues to be co-creators of their employer brand. While the global employer branding team had a structure and collection of material and guides to support their teams across the globe, the course helped them package it all together into a clear and engaging learning experience.

Employer Branding Academy

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Novo Nordisk

About the company

Novo Nordisk is a global healthcare company with headquarters in Denmark. They are a leader in their field, with a mission to defeat diabetes and other serious chronic diseases. Novo Nordisk employs more than 45,000 people in 80 offices around the world, and market their products in 169 countries.

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