Channel surfing student style

Channel surfing student style

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Print ads, brochures, Facebook, Campus events. Finding the right communication channels has mainly been guesswork. Not so anymore: a new Universum survey shows just what channels grab student attention, and […]

The importance of internal Employer Branding

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The inside out approach It’s important to reiterate the obvious: unhappy employees spread bad news about you as an employer; unhappy employees make for unhappy customers and spread bad PR […]

Turning culture into statistics

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Tracking your external employer brand comes naturally for most sophisticated employers, but tracking your internal employer brand is less common. Universum’s research indicates that there is a very strong correlation […]

Tell us recruiters — Is being a parent a problem?

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Despite generous parental leave, the Swedes are delaying parenthood Women feel stressed in job interviews, when asked about plans to have children   In Sweden, the average age of having […]

How to start using rankings

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You can hardly open up a newspaper today without finding some kind of ranking list. Keeping up with them all is a challenge for EB professionals. But perhaps you should stop trying? Here, Lovisa Öhnell, Universum’s Director for Research and Consulting discusses how you should handle the ranking jungle.

ÅF attracts engineers

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Sports bring star power to engineering

Checking your Employer Brand vitals

Checking your Employer Brand vitals

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Measuring employer branding is to your strategies what regular health checkups are to your body. Regardless of industry, country or position, it seems those that work with employer branding have […]