The B2T Model – addressing internal employer branding

The B2T Model – addressing internal employer branding

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How to tackle the challenge of internal employer branding? Today’s global talent market is characterized by significant imbalances. In the developed world, the population is ageing and coming retirements will […]

Get Your Free Employer Branding Dummy Guide

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The most important divide in today’s talent market runs between employers who prefer to stick with their gut feelings and trusted ways of working, oblivious to challenges, and employers who […]

Everything you need to know about Generation Y

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Who are they? What do they represent? How are they affecting the workforce? Rachele Focardi, Senior VP of Talent Strategy and Employer Branding at Universum, answers these questions and more […]

Deloitte’s commitment to building the next generation of global leaders

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Deloitte is one of the world’s top ten most attractive employers, ranked #1 by income among the professional services firms and seventh on Universum’s 2013 Global Employer Index. Universum recently […]

Best Practice Case Study of Internal Mobility at Sodexo

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Universum interviewed Patricia Freshwater, Senior Communications Manager of Talent Acquisition, to get insights on Sodexo USA’s award-wining talent mobility program. The program helped create an evolution for the company from […]

Universum provides insights on the upcoming trend of Life Careerism

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Work-life balance is the no. one career goal of college graduates in the US.  What does this mean exactly? And how does it affect companies? Melissa Murray Bailey, President of […]

Capturing the Game-Changers

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Never before have people been more important to a company’s future success than today. The growing complexity of the world and the accelerating speed of change make future development harder […]

The fight for brainpower

The fight for brainpower

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To be competitive in the 21st Century, companies need to build their human capital. Business success depends on the competence of one’s workforce and their ability to deliver on business […]

The Challenge of Life Careerism

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Differentiation. This is the response many employers offer when asked about their foremost challenge of talent attraction and employer branding. But an over eagerness to communicate has become confusing to students: many […]