Universum ist führend in der Entwicklung von Arbeitgebermarken auf Basis breiter Marktforschung. Mit über 25 Jahren Erfahrung und Niederlassungen auf der ganzen Welt unterstützen wir multinationale Unternehmen, Talente zu finden und für sich zu gewinnen. Wir helfen Ihnen, bessere Arbeitskräfte zu bekommen – ganz einfach.

Access is your data portal for everything: dig into your talent data, use our social listening and analytics tool, download insight reports, watch webinars, and even connect directly with our analysts.

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Universum is full of good people who are always prepared, bring value to the discussion and help Unilever to move forward on our employer branding journey across the globe. Universum is willing to change, challenge and learn through the journey, as well as being genuinely interested in creating a true partnership…Across the globe Universum’s contribution has helped us move towards our goal of becoming the #1 employer in the FMCG industry. Through this process they have also helped in making Unilever strongly visible on social media. This is the kind of partnership we would look and wish for, so thank you for being such a great partner on our employer branding journey and for making Unilever the most attractive employer on this earth.

Anish Singh, Leadership Development Director Global Markets, Unilever



We are a 200,000 person organisation in 152 countries and we hire 65,000 people a year. We have to understand the ‘why’ as well as the ‘what’, ‘why’ are we there as an organisation. 65% of our people are generation Y, so our median age is 28. I will tell you, the workforce of the future is not just interested in what the  people on the street are saying, they’re interested in who they’re joining, why they’re joining, what their career is going to be like, what they’re going to do and how they’re going to make a difference. Our assets are only our people, the only thing we have to sell is our people. And you want to have them engaged, when they’re engaged and engagement scores go up, you’re more profitable and you make more money – and they do better, are happier and they stay longer. It doesn’t take ten years, we started this a couple of years ago and now we are the second most preferred employer in the world on Universum’s ranking, an independent agency. This means we’ll make more money. This is the proposition, and I’m telling you its working, if you provide the most value to your clients they’ll pay you more money and you’ll do better. The only way you can provide value is by having great people teaming together, that’s the reality.  

Mark Weinberger, Chairman and CEO, EY



It’s essential to use data to drive our employer branding and marketing strategy.  Universum provides valuable and constructive information to enable Microsoft to make decisions that attract high quality candidates and strengthen our employer brand.  Universum’s survey platform supports Microsoft’s understanding of the market dynamic and our positioning within the competitive landscape.

 Melanie Sharp, Senior University Recruiting Manager, Microsoft