Clueless about using Social Media

Clueless about using Social Media

Social Media Rubick's Cube

As Facebook sets the wheels in motion for its IPO, it couldn’t be timelier to ask the question “do employers use social media and do they know what they’re doing?” Nobody can doubt the powers of social media to connect to large, as well as relevant, audiences. And as one expands his/her network, one can also take advantage of the connections of others – the possibilities are endless.

Yet although the principal of the net and social media to expand networks, connections and reach-out to huge audiences is a communication revolution, do we all know what we’re doing? Are we really capitalizing on the potential? Is it all just a fad of various people wanting to be there, because they must, but in the end have no idea if it’s beneficial? In other words, is social media helping you become more successful in attracting, recruiting and retaining staff?

Perhaps we should ask that as our next question.

However, from our poll of the week, and as we could predict, the majority of employers are using social medial but still have no idea of what they want, or maybe even of what they’re getting out of it – only time will tell if all of this is just a craze or if Facebook is indeed worth $80bn or more. As the BBC rightly mentioned, it depends on how much we’re all worth, as in the end user, and whether or not we’re all willing to be targeted by more and more advertising – for it to be seen.

Here is a sum-up of this week’s poll. Thanks for your participation!

  • Interestingly, the majority of employers are using the channel but still have no idea what they want (65%).
  • It’s only a small fraction of companies, over one in ten employers that surprisingly do have a clear strategy and defined goals – perhaps they can be kind enough to advise the other 65%.
  • Almost one out of five isn’t present in social media but is planning to be there. Only a small minority of employers (5 %) doesn’t want to and doesn’t see the purpose.


To see the results, click on the infograph below: Is your company actively present in social media for talent attraction purposes?


infrograph on use of social media