Coming Soon: Employer Branding Now

Coming Soon: Employer Branding Now

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Employer Branding Now
A definitive guide to the state of global employer brand management in 2016

Companies are investing more in employer branding efforts and making big strides to leverage data analytics in HR, yet important gaps remain. Universum’s Employer Branding Now report, aims to uncover where talent executives must focus in the year ahead, point to best practices in employer branding and set benchmarks for the industry.

In this report we detail and demonstrate how to carry out applicable insights such as:

  • How to create closer alignment between employer brand priorities and talent priorities
  • How to fully leverage the power of EVPs to deliver greater employer brand focus and impact
  • How to invest in quality social media content (no longer a side order, now the meat of the day)
  • How to effectively invest in analytics – effective employer brand strategies are increasingly numbers driven
  • …and much more.

Reserve your copy of the Executive Summary today and gain from data driven insights on the current state of employer branding.