Communicating in a Global Market

Communicating in a Global Market

Getting the word out about your latest job opportunity should utilize communication across several markets to be successful. The Universum World’s Most Attractive Employers Student Survey asked 200,000 students in 12 countries about which communication channels they used to look for information about employers. The findings revealed which countries are best at using in-person and online channels and which countries fell behind, as well as how to build an effective recruiting presence.
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Across the G12 markets, the average student surveyed used between seven and eight channels to investigate potential employers. The average engineer used slightly fewer sources than the average business student. We found that not only do students use multiple communication channels, the numbers of channels used also varies depending on location.

India is Leading the Way

Indian students are leading they way in using communication channels to learn about employers. They use almost twice as many channels as their G12 peers at 13.2 channels for business students, and 12.9 for engineers. They are also twice as likely to conduct an informational interview as well as attend an employer presentation.
However, it is not just in-person channels they use more. They also use online channels more often. In our survey, more Indian students reported using “social networks/communities” or “professional networks/communities” to learn about employers than any other country.
Other countries that appear to be doing well in adopting social media for recruiting include Australia, Canada, and Brazil.

China and Russia are Falling Behind

Chinese students use fewer channels than the average G12 student. How many they use depends on their major. A typical business student uses only 4.7 channels, while the average Chinese engineering student uses 5.6.
Chinese students are less likely than any other country to use the 27 channels we asked about in the survey, such as employer websites or social media, which were two of the most common channels globally.
Russia also seems to be facing the same problem, though not to the same extent. Other countries that seem to use social media much less frequently are France and Japan.

How Employers Can Reach Out to Students

We found that building an effective recruiting presence on social media requires a great deal of persistence and active engagement. Students don’t want these channels to be a rehash of what is already on an employer’s website. They want to use social media to communicate with employers. Employers should learn which target markets have high adoption rates so that they can concentrate their efforts on those areas.
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