Competition Notice – Argentina

Information regarding the competition and the performance

Relevant terms for the competition:
The competition is open to all current undergraduate and graduate students born before 2001, who completed the Career Test survey for 2019 in Argentina and registered in Career Hub upon completion of the survey. Any person not subject to completing the survey is not eligible to participate in this competition. This competition is done in accordance with Universum’s 

Relevant time limits:
The competition will start on the 1 November 2018 and will continue until the 28 of January 2019, or until the end of the field period 2019 for Argentina, if it changes from the latter.

The competition task/performance:
The participants need to answer the following question: “Si pudieras darle un consejo a tu futuro empleador para que te convenza de trabajar con ellos, ¿qué le aconsejarías?”. The answer can include a maximum of 5 words, in Spanish.  The answers will be evaluated on creativity and conciseness. Twelve (12) winners will be awarded a prize.

Information regarding how the winner is appointed and the criteria assessed when appointing a winner:
Creativity and conciseness will be evaluated by the jury. The jury will consist of 3 members: Juan Figueroa, Itzel Pantiga and Laura Pérez. All winners need to be unanimously approved.

Information regarding where and when the names of the winners will be published:
The results of the competition will be announced in 2 different batches: December 7th 2018, and February 8th 2019. The results will be published on this website, and the winners will also be informed personally over email.

The awards are twelve (12) Blend gift cards from the company Big Box

The same terms apply to all participants in the competition. The assessment of the contributions will be impartial, and the competition will be conducted according to the rules that Universum hereby informed about and included in the GENERAL TERMS & CONDITIONS FOR PARTICIPATION IN COMPETITIONS.

The final list of winners for our 2019 competiton is the following:

First group of winners:
– Agustina López
– Lucas Mario Baronzini
– Josefina Maria Serrano
– Tamara Denise Bisio
– Sonia Lannutti

Second group of winners:
– Facundo Aletto
– Chiara Schiavello
– Santiago Soriano
– Virginia Prieto
– Ramiro López Miná
– Andres González

Thank you to everyone for participating!!