Competition Notice – Germany Raspberry PI

Information regarding the competition and the performance

In what consist the awards of the competition Universum Career Test in Germany

This competition will have 5 (five) different winners and each winner will receive a Raspberry Pi 3.

Period of the competition

The competition starts on the 30th of November 2018 and will end on the 8th of April 2019.

Eligible Participants and Conditions

1. All current undergraduate and graduate students, over 18 years old by the date of participation, resident and domiciled throughout the national territory in Germany, who completed the Universum Career Test survey for 2018/2019 in Germany and registered upon completion of the survey.

No more than one participation is allowed for the same person.

The Competition

1. The competition is free of charge and to participate you just need to answer the final question, after completing the survey, ENG: “WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY?” DE: “WAS MACHT DICH GLÜCKLICH?” The question can be answered in German or English.

2. The most creative 5 (five) answers will be the winners.

3. The answers will be reviewed and the winners will be chosen by a jury that will consist of three members: Maria Klebanova, Daniel Eckert and Anne Schmitt. All winners need to be unanimously approved.

4. The winners will be notified by email on the 23rd of April 2019. The result will also be announced on Universum website for the duration of 2 months.

5. The answers of any contender will not be used in any marketing material or similar context for the future.

6. Any potential tax will be paid by the winner.

7. Please review Universums general privacy policy and general terms and conditions for further information.

Use of awards:

The prizes are personal and non-transferable.

The winners of the Raspberry Pi Kit:

1. Janpeter Kleefeld
2. Jan Orlob

Thank you for participating and congratulations!

due to not sufficient number of qualitative user responses, prices for ranks 3, 4 and 5 couldn´t be distributed.