Competition Notice – Germany

Information regarding the competition and the performance

In what consist the awards of the competition Universum Career Test in Germany
This competition will have 80 (eighty) different winners and each winner will receive an Amazon gift card with a respective value of 20 EUR each. Amazon general terms and conditions apply. The prizes need to be claimed according to the specifications on the Amazon gift cards.

Period of the competition
The competition starts on the 7th of November 2018 and will end on the 8th of April 2019.

Eligible Participants and Conditions
1. All current undergraduate and graduate students, over 10 year old by the date of the participation, resident and domiciled throughout the national territory in Germany, who completed the Universum Career Test survey for 2018/2019 in Germany and registered upon completion of the survey.
2. No more than one participant is allowed for the same person.

The Competition
1. The competition is free of charge and to participate you just need to answer the final question, which can be answered in German or English and in max. 5 bullet points, after completing the survey:



2. The most creative 80 (eighty) answers will be the winners.
3. The answers will be reviewed and the winners will be chosen a jury that will consist of three members: Maria Klebanova, Daniel Eckert and Juan Figueroa. All winners need to be unanimously approved.
4. The winners will be notified by email on the 17th of April 2019. The result will also be announced on Universum’s website for the duration of 2 months.
5. Any of the awards cannot be claimed before 17th of April 2019.
6. The answers of any contender will not be used in any marketing material or similar context for the future.
7. Any potential tax will be paid by the winner.
8. Please review Universums general Privacy Policy and General Terms & Conditions for Participation in Competition for further information.

Use of awards
1. All awards will be valid for use by the winners according to the specifications on the Amazon gift cards.
2. The prizes are personal and non-transferable.

Thank you for participating!

The winners are:

Alisa Stoof
Stefanie Zieringer
Nadine Westmann
Pauline Kaiser
Michael Sarasi
Annika Götz
Ursula Smit
Marco Bocek
Florian Jungmeier
Marie-Christin Junker
Denise Baller
Austeja Einikyte
Wolfgang Mahlke
Sabine Boldt
Jennifer Brütsch
Marcel Krumstroh
Daniela Heimann
Ringo Kämmler
Jean Kox
Aliia Motygullina
Florian Hideg
Mona Rohwedder
Juliane Wiedeburg
Folke Mehrtens
Sanaz Neyshabouri
Karina Durczok
Sako Sarkoian
Daniel Schlese
Lisa Nowack
Johannes Pfeffer
Kim-Isabelle Mayer
Devrim Cetintas
Ann-Sophie Abel
Marcel Beining
Julian Pfeiffer
Thomas Hermanns
Lilian Löckenhoff
Romil Mewada
Janosch Ott
Christine Pfeiffer
Samira Buchholz
Bastian Bernhardt
Yarely Rodriguez
Jana Levertova
Kayra Say
Hannah Kottmann
Matthias Jung
Daniel Schiwiora
Kim Vanessa Graumann
Jonathan Becker
Katrin Warm
Lilly Pollmann
Hans Castillo
Lena Sommer
Michael Beisler
Christina Bosch Rodriguez
Lisa Dittschar
Daniela Kaiser
Sumaiya Chowdhury
Samira Hördemann
Sabine Milde
Astkhik Davletshina
Denise Guersoy
Lara Caspary
Jennifer Moewius
Simon Disque
Julia Bley
Emina Delija
Lukas Voigt
Yade Yaqub
Anant Patwari
Clara Meyer
Matteo Bertani
Leon Strack
Luise Metzger
Martin Schwarz
Jolissa Rusin
Danny Gerlach
Mario Alvarez
Jessica Grube