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Competititon Notice – Spain


By participating in the UNIVERSUM CAREER TEST, to be held between 01/10/2018 and 08/03/2019, of UNIVERSUM  the participant accepts the general conditions established in this document according to the terms below:

In what consist the awards of the competition Universum Career Test in Spain

This competition will have 10 (ten) different winners and will get the following prizes:

1. 1 Personal Development Coaching Session: It will be 1 session of 50-60 minutes per winner via Skype, video conference or another online system. The winner will get the notice via e-mail of the name of the professional who will coach him or her with further instructions.

2. 10 gift vouchers worth 50 euros from Amazon. Gift vouchers will be delivered via email to the 10 (ten) winners. The vouchers can be used online or in a store. Amazon’s general terms & conditions apply.

Period of the competition

The competition starts on the 1st of October 2018 and will end on the 8th of March 2019.

Eligible Participants and Conditions

1. All current undergraduate students registered at a University or Private School in Spain included in the Universum Talent Survey, over 18 years old by the date of participation, resident and domiciled throughout the national territory in Spain, who completed successfully the Universum’s Career Test survey for 2019 in Spain and registered upon completion of the survey.

2. No more than one participation is allowed for the same person.

3. This competition is done in accordance with Universum’s GENERAL TERMS & CONDITIONS FOR PARTICIPATION IN COMPETITIONS.

4. The participants must reside in Spain at the time when the survey has been answered.

The Competition

1. The competition is free of charge and to participate you just need to answer 1 final question, after completing the survey, “¿Qué te hace feliz y cómo puede una empresa o tu universidad hacerte feliz?” The answer may contain a maximum of 10 words, in Spanish and/or English.

2. The most creative 10 (ten) answers will be the winners. The answer needs to be provided through the specific channel created for the competition. The answers will be evaluated on creativity and conciseness.

3. The answers will be reviewed and the winners will be chosen a jury that will consist of three members, Rafael Garavito (Country Manager for Universum in Spain), Juan Figueroa (Global Head of Data Collection at Universum), and one selected university representative in Spain (selected by Universum). All winners need to be unanimously approved.

4. The winners will be announced and notified by email after closing of the survey and on the months of April or May 2019. The result will also be announced on this page, on Universum’s Facebook page for Spain, on a local event to take place in Spain in 2019, and on a local press release to be distributed in Spain in 2019. The full name of the winners, and/or a photograph if provided, will be publicly available for a period of up to 2 (two) months on Universum’s domains and will be removed afterward. Universum does not take responsibility for the use of names and/or photographs by other third parties.

5. None of the awards can be claimed before 30th of May 2019.

6. The answers of any contender will not be used in any marketing material or similar context for the future other than what is specified in point d. and/or any other context related to the normal communication of the survey results. Universum does not take responsibility for the usage of the contender’s answer by any other third party that receives official Universum communications and/or comes in contact with the contender’s responses through any public means.

7. Any potential tax will be paid by the winner.

8. Please review Universums general privacy policy for further information.

Use of award

1. All awards will be valid for use by the winners from 30/05/2019 to 15/12/2019.

2.The prizes are personal and non-transferable.


Announcement – 2019 winners!

The winners announced are:

Stephanie Cheico
Miguel Bolsa
Ana Martin Monterrubio
Alicia Vida
Antonia Galmes Del Toro
Francisco Salas Gomez
Alejandro Plaza Larrea
Mar Ruiz-Retegui Garcia
Francisco Fernandez
Maria Alejandra Ramirez Giraldo

Thank you to everyone for participating, and see you on the next Career Test 2020!!