The Countries with the Happiest Employees

The Countries with the Happiest Employees

It’s a hectic time for talent management. Over 49 million more workers will leave their jobs in 2018 than in 2012. This makes employee engagement and happiness essential for any business strategy moving forward.

Surveying more than 250,000 professionals in 55 markets, Universum produced a ranking to identify which countries have the most satisfied employees. Dubbed the Global Workforce Happiness Index, a score per country was calculated based on employee:

  1. Satisfaction at their current job,
  2. Likelihood of recommending their current employer,
  3. Stated sense of job loyalty.

The Global Workforce Happiness Index

The research targets intellectuals with work experience, who are not as likely to be affected by economic downturns. Struggling economies (like Greece) also create fewer career opportunities, which results in higher loyalty scores. And there are cultural factors to take into consideration on employee perception and state-of-mind that most certainly influence the scoring.

Top 20 Countries with the Most Satisfied and Loyal Employees

Rank Country
1 Belgium
2 Norway
3 Costa Rica
4 Denmark
5 South Africa
6 Austria
7 Switzerland
8 Greece
9 Czech Republic
10 Russia
11 Sweden
12 Finland
13 Mexico
14 Netherlands
15 Germany
16 Canada
17 Chile
18 France
19 Argentina
20 Australia

How to Use the Index

Essentially, the index offers a country-by-country barometer of the workplace health of that market’s talent pool and an excellent benchmark by which individual employers can map their own employees’ sense of satisfaction and loyalty. However, the real potential of any research is in the granular findings. If you are an employer in the automotive industry in China, you should be able to compare your organization to its peers in the sector. By using a data-driven diagnosis at a local level, talent managers can create tailored, high-impact prescriptions.

If you are looking to improve your employee engagement and talent attraction efforts, download Universum’s e-book, The Global Workforce Happiness Index. You’ll find everything you need to know about how to benchmark your organization with recruitment competitors and create a strategy for talent retention.


The Countries with the Happiest Employees