Cracking the Code to Social Analytics: Universum Presents Inside Social Media

Cracking the Code to Social Analytics: Universum Presents Inside Social Media

Introducing Iris: Crowd-Sourced Social Content Analysis

Engagement metrics are social actions that signal deeper interest and understanding. We’ve found the message received is often quite different from what employers intended. To tackle this problem we built Iris, our social analytics platform capable of evaluating and categorizing employer brand messages. Essentially, Iris eliminates the time wasted second guessing what messages work well within your employer brand by revealing  which messages and values are the most relevant to your audiences around the world.

Ultimately You’re Not Looking for Attention, You’re Aiming for Engagement

It is important to note that not all attention is good attention. Don’t over-focus on vanity metrics, such as views or likes. Instead, ask whether your message is reaching the right people and whether those individuals are taking any kind of meaningful action based on your message.   

Cracking the Code to Social Analytics

Iris allows you to drop those unclear and broad messages for tailored and relevant messages that attract the specific talent you’re looking for but are currently having a hard time finding.

To achieve this, social posts are randomly assigned to real talent for evaluation through crowd-sourcing. By asking real talent of all experience levels, located across the globe, what they think the employers are trying to communicate, we can begin to understand what messages and subjects carry the most weight with followers of employer brands on a national, regional and global level.

Every post is categorized based on 40 corresponding values from Universum’s Employer Brand Framework, such as prestige, sensitivity to environmental issues and level of innovation. Thirty-five thousand posts from leading social platforms are captured by Iris’s databases every month and all post data is then aggregated and analyzed by Universum’s expert research and analytics department.

Tools within the Iris platform allow our member companies to comb through data and filter information by individual company, industry, country, social channel and time frame. This allows our users to drill down to fine-grain details to steer their social media activities and leverage competitive data to attract talent before the competition can get to them.

Investigative Analytics is the Future: Ask Not Just “What works?” but “Why?”

The channels to reach and attract talent are constantly evolving. Now more than ever, it’s imperative to stay ahead of the curve and adapt to the trends early, but also, in an optimized way that ensures long-term success. With our latest eBook “Inside Social Media: Course Corrections Ahead” we have set out to give HR managers insight into mega trends affecting the social media landscape and offer data-driven recommendations on how to build employer brands on social media.

Mega Trends Affecting the Social Media Landscape

Results from a recent study presented at the WSJD Live Conference 2016, indicate that people spend about 11 hours and five minutes a day on tech activities such as social media and gaming. Internet time is spent on a precious few apps and websites; for example, 79% of a person’s app time is focused on only five apps, while people spend 44% of their website time on a mere five websites.

Social recruiting has become a huge phenomenon with 84% of job seekers having a Facebook profile, add this to the fact that research carried out last year revealed that 87% of 1.5 million talent globally said that they want to hear from employers via social media, and it becomes clear that capturing and communicating the true essence has become crucial.

Visit our Inside Social page to download our latest report and keep up to date with our social rankings and trends. Each month we will present Iris’s top ten social companies, discuss the best attributes to talk about on social channels and showcase the top performing post.