Creating the New Work Environment

Creating the New Work Environment

No longer do students expect to be hired after graduation just to sit in a cubicle eight hours each day. Today, students are looking for potential employers that can provide dynamic workplaces, according to our recent survey results.

What are Dynamic Workplaces?148120

Dynamic workplaces are work environments that foster creativity and productivity using a mixture of different floor layouts, work schedules, and activities.

The Google headquarters is a good example of a dynamic workplace. In 2014, Google was named “Best Company to Work For” by Fortune Magazine, which has been reflected in The World’s Most Attractive Employers survey for 2014. Employees are provided with high-quality meals, areas to workout, areas for playing games like ping pong with other employees, open concept work areas where people are free to converse and collaborate (called “symbiotic seating arrangements”), a sauna and much more. Employees are even allowed to roll around the office using scooters. One of the New York offices is set up to look like an apartment, complete with video games, Mr. T china plates on the wall, and sofas made from old bathtubs.

Where Did Dynamic Workplaces Come From and Who Likes It?

These quirky working environments all started in Silicon Valley by companies such as Facebook. They’ve since spread like wildfire. Engineering recruits across the globe find these types of environments highly desirable.

Our Universum Student Survey found that engineers across the G12 markets selected dynamic workplaces as the single most important of the 40 employer attributes for those living in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. In every other G12 market, it was listed in the top 10 most desired attributes. The only exception was Russia. Creativity and dynamism was much lower on their list of priorities.

Business students also like creative and dynamic environments, but not to the same extent as engineers. It ranked as the fourth-most important attribute for business students in the G12 markets.

Corporations Need to Step Up

Even though students want to work in environments that facilitate the exchange of ideas and rapid decision-making, corporations are not meeting the needs as well as they should to draw new hires. By reworking their offices and working conditions towards a more dynamic workplace that fosters creativity, they can burnish their employer reputation and create a competitive edge.