What You Need to Know About Generation Y

What You Need to Know About Generation Y

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In this video about Generation Y, Global Brand Advisor, Rachele Focardi, tells you about the significance this new workforce has to workplaces around the world. Generation Y employees are at the forefront of a cultural revolution at the workplace […]

Generation Z’s views of work and life

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Employer Branding Conference 2013

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The only event of its kind In addition to networking with peers, attendees learn best-in-class strategies from industry thought leaders. Our objective is to ensure that participants walk away with […]

Universum Awards Sweden 2014

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This video shows Universum Awards in Sweden 2014, take a look!

Ideal Employer Brand Workshop

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Every market is unique, but attracting top talent is a common challenge for the majority of employers. How should companies overcome this difficulty or be better prepared? Using data and basing […]

Presenting the Virtual Meetup

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Virtual Meetup is a webinar experience that unlocks the value and power of Universum’s key insights. Imagine if you, as an employer, where able to connect with a great number […]

Universum Awards Sweden 2013 – Flash Interviews

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Get tips about best practices from great companies such as KPMG, Svensk Fastighetsförmedling AB, Swedish Match, Stockholms stad, Coca-Cola Enterprises Sweden, IKEA, SWECO. At the Universum Awards in Sweden, we interviewed […]

Fight for Brainpower – short version

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Universum presents “The Fight for Brainpower” To be competitive in the 21st century, companies need to build their human capital. Yet finding the right and competent people in today’s workforce is challenging […]

Employer Brand Differentiation

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This video presents a how-to-guide and an explanation of why it’s important to differentiate your employer brand.

The Fight for Brainpower

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