The Challenge of Life Careerism

The Challenge of Life Careerism

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Learning how to be more distinctive “Differentiation”, is the response many employers offer when asked about their biggest challenge of talent attraction and employer branding. However, an over eagerness to communicate has become confusing […]

The B2T Model – Addressing Internal Employer Branding

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How to tackle the challenge of internal employer branding? Talent attraction and recruitment have become more difficult. Broad marketing campaigns and extensive job advertising are losing their impact. In the […]

Capturing Game-Changers

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Never before have people been more important to a company’s future success than now. In this fast paced environment, companies must be nimble and think outside of the box to […]

Future-Proof Your Business: The Talent Stock Exchange

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Acquiring the Talent Advantage Future business success is not based on having competitive products or services. It’s based on having a talent advantage – i.e. a just-in-time availability of talented individuals with the […]

Sustainable Employer Branding Guidelines

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Thriving in an Uncertain World The war for Talent Is Over. Talent has won! Current trends point to instability making it harder for you as an employer to make long-term […]

Employer Branding Starter Guide

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The most important divide in the future talent market runs between employers who will prefer to stick with their gut feelings and trusted ways of working, oblivious to challenges, and […]

Understanding a Misunderstood Millennial Generation

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Part one of a six-part series on Understanding a misunderstood generation Based on the number of research studies and lengthy reports examining Millennials over the last decade, you’d think we […]

Ivy League & Russell Group Students

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Special report on students from the Ivy League and Russell Group Schools. All you need to know about how they view their careers and ideal employers.  It used to be […]

Attracting Tech Talent

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There are few industries in which the search for top talent is as critical – and as difficult – as in the technology industry. In the UK, where close to 8 percent of all […]

Talent attraction in the banking industry

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WHAT UNIVERSITY STUDENTS LOOK FOR IN FUTURE EMPLOYERS AND THE IMPLICATIONS FOR COMPANIES THAT SEEK TO HIRE THEM. When Dan Makoski left Google in mid-2014 to become the first-ever vice president of […]