Custom Assessment

Why is this important?
Gain comprehensive information on potential candidate preferences, drivers of employer attractiveness, and your position in the competitive landscape. Analyze and assess current employer brand based on your and the target groups’ external expectations. Identify areas of opportunity for growth and development. Develop brand and communication strategies that resonate strongly with target audiences to differentiate you from competitors.

What are the benefits?
• Provide in-depth insights about the preferences of the target group(s) when selecting an employer. Provide knowledge about the external image and your overall attractiveness as an employer.
• Gather insights about your employer brand’s strengths and weaknesses.
• Gain an understanding of the competitive landscape and how to best reach potential candidates.

The solution
When we do not have the Universum Student Survey available in certain countries, we will conduct a custom image survey for you through our global university relationships, standing research panels, and local partnerships.
We will conduct field periods either online or face-to-face, in the local language where necessary, within target groups that can be defined by key schools, areas of study, etc., to provide actionable information in the following areas:
• Information about their Ideal Employers, main career goals, preferred communication channels and what they perceive to be attractive employer attributes
• Insight into both your employer image and how it compares to key competitors of your choice

The survey follows the same lines of questioning as our global students surveys, to allow for cross-market comparison. The number of survey respondents varies depending on project scope and desired breakdowns.

For more info, contact B2B@universum.se