Data is imperative, especially when evaluating candidate experience

Data is imperative, especially when evaluating candidate experience

Jonas Barck, Global Head of Commercial Partnerships, expressed his views on the key takeaways at the last #DiceTru event in New York City, a series of HR and Recruiting discussions.

In summary, participants heard interesting views on how recruiters use their own personal brand and reputation to influence the perception that candidates have of their organization, often forgetting the employer brand. Moreover, the use of data to support decisions will also be a key turning point for the HR function in the near future.

Barck said that it’s interesting to see an increasing need for data in the market place. Yet he stressed the importance of employers needing to educate people more internally as well as vendors, staffing firms … needing to educate their clients more on how to use data and leverage business opportunities based on facts and not unfounded ideas.

Barck added that the candidate experience is currently a hot topic and that many organizations will now work on building a strong candidate experience in order to positively build their employer brands.

In short, more emphasis will be placed on analyzing data and measuring activities, especially from a candidate experience perspective, rather than basing decisions on gut feelings. Actions by HR will now have to be supported with evidence.