Denmark’s Top 100 Most Attractive Professional Survey

Denmark’s Top 100 Most Attractive Professional Survey


National firms hold their own against foreign internationals whilst Danish talent deliberate on being competitively or intellectually challenged or having a work/life balance

Copenhagen, September 15th, 2016 – Today Universum launched the findings from the Danish portion of its annual Global professional survey. This year saw more than 11,000 participating Danish future and current employees from 32 industries share their views on the most attractive career paths and employers in the Denmark. Set out to track career aspirations and preferences of the future talent pool, Denmark’s Top 100 Most Attractive professional survey recognizes the most coveted employers based solely on the responses collected.

Preferences, Career Goals & Talent retention

In terms of career goals, Engineering/Natural Science talent along with IT talent chose “to have work/life balance” as their top career goal, whereas business  talent is most interested in being competitively or intellectually challenged.  To be a technical or functional expert is the least important career goal for business talent. The least important career goal For Engineering/Natural Sciences and IT professionals were respectively to be autonomous and independent and to have an international career.

The top career preference for both business and engineering/natural science professionals in Denmark is to have leaders who will support my development, this ranked 6th with IT professionals who chose a creative and dynamic work environment as their top preference. Other similarities between the talent groups include IT and business professionals holding high regard for high future earnings over a competitive base salary.  This isn’t the case for engineering/natural science talent who place a competitive base salary as their third top career preference, however high future earnings failed to enter in their top 10 list of preferences. One explanation for this maybe that similar to business talent who neglected to choose respect for its people as a top 10 preference, engineering/natural science professionals probably take the prospect of high future earnings from their employers for granted.

When professionals from the three groups of talent were asked about their interest in changing their employer within the coming year IT professionals were the most interested at 29%, followed by business talent at 27% and engineering/natural sciences at 25%. The most popular reason given by all three sets of professionals was better compensation benefits (Business 53%, Engineering/Natural Sciences 45%, IT 47%), whereas the least popular reason given for changing employers was better alignment with my own value/culture (Business 6%, Engineering/Natural Sciences 6%, IT 7%).


Danish Professionals: Most Attractive Employers Top 10
The Business top ten remains very stable with Lego, Novo Nordisk and Google retaining their top 3 positions, repectively. Carlsberg moved up one spot from last year to 4th place, replacing A.P. Møller – Mærsk which moved down to 5th place.  McKinsey & Company moved up three places to take over the 6th place spot ahead of Arla Food which moved down one place whilst Vestas retained its 8th place position. Bestseller moved down two spots from 7th to 9th and The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) entered the top ten and Novozymes moved down a spot and now stands at 11.

Google and Lego kept their 1st and 2nd place positions however the rest of IT top ten is far less stable. Microsoft moved down one spot to become 3rd after losing its joint second place status but still ahead of Apple at 4th place, which makes its debut to the ranking.  Novo Nordisk held on to its 5th place position in front of Blizzard at 6th place which is also made its debut on the rankings this year. NNIT fell three places to the 7th place spot whilst IO Interactive, IBM, and Systematic take up the 8th, 9th and 10th place positions, respectively, after all falling one position each.

Whilst Novo Nordisk and Lego retained their top 2 positions, this year has seen a few new entries in the Engineering/Natural Sciences top ten. Rambøll moved up one place and now sits in 3rd place, followed by COWI which moved up two spots. Last year’s 3rd place holder, Novozymes, now sits in 5th place ahead of last year’s 11th place holder, Dong Energy, which now sits in 6th place. Siemens is a non-mover at 7th place ahead of Vestas at 8 which moved up two spots, and A.P. Møller – Mærsk making its debut in the top ten having moved up 3 spots from last years. Google is this year’s 10th place holder having moved down 5 places since 2015.

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