Don’t forget about metrics

Don’t forget about metrics

Everyone talks about metrics, but fewer than half use data-driven decision making frequently. Small companies in particular struggle to leverage data.

Over the past five years, HR organizations have undergone tremendous transformation in how they put data to work – from simply reporting historical performance and efficiency to using data to predict future outcomes and manage risk. (Bersin by Deloitte’s Talent Analytics Maturity Model documents and explains this transition.) Data from Bersin by Deloitte shows organizations with mature analytics strategies and processes are twice as likely to improve their recruiting efforts and leadership pipeline. Even so, just one in 10 large companies use data-driven decision-making all the time, and fewer than half use it frequently.

One of the biggest challenges organizations face is, paradoxically, related to talent – or moving away from HR traditionalists and embracing data science to develop highly tuned predictive models. Such a move requires not just hiring the right talent, but reimagining how HR is organized. Not surprisingly, Deloitte’s 2016 Global Human Capital Trends report says nine out of 10 executives (92 percent) are prioritizing organizational design in the coming year, and almost half (45 percent) report their companies are either in the middle of a restructuring (39 percent) or  planning one (6 percent). Our research shows that, far from using data for predictive purposes, talent executives struggle even to use data to evaluate the effectiveness of their employer branding efforts. Just three in 10 large company talent executives use employer brand attribute scores to figure out whether their investment in employer branding is paying off, and whether it’s aligned to the true experience of candidates and employees.



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