Dos and Don’ts for boomerang hiring

Dos and Don’ts for boomerang hiring

boomerang hiring

The benefits of boomerang hiring

Don’t forget to communicate to your alumni

The advantages of “boomerang” hiring, or bringing back your alumni, are:

  • Reduce your recruitment expenses
  • Access a broader and qualified pool of candidates
  • Improve your company’s overall performance; alumni require less time to be productive
  • Gain individuals that already share values and expectations


  • Treat your alumni as you would treat other applicants. The demands should remain the same.
  • Only re-hire people who were top performers and left in good standing.
  • Understand the reasons why they left in the first place, and do your homework before interviewing to make sure those issues no longer exist.


  • Don’t lose contact with the alumnus/alumna if the interview doesn’t turn into a hire.
  • Don’t assume the alumnus/alumna will take your offer over a competing one because of their past history with the company. They are still looking for the best opportunity.

Remember, boomerang hiring is an excellent way for talent managers to tap into an organization’s already existing talent network.