Employer Branding Now 2019

Employer Branding Now

What’s important to small, medium, large and the WMAE
when it comes to Employer Branding?
Get the latest results, trends and predictions all wrapped up in our latest report.

Universum, the global employer branding leader, surveyed over 1600 employer branding professionals, including marketing managers, HR managers, talent acquisition managers, and recruitment and resourcing professionals from 45 countries. The aim was to gather insights about the state of employer branding as well as learn from the World’s Most Attractive Employers (WMAEs), a cohort of the top 100 employers as judged by job seekers.

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This comprehensive report showcases how talent acquisition professionals view employer brand management, highlights how employer branding has changed over the past year and benchmarks small companies to large enterprises.

Employer branding

is a top priority for


 of  the Worlds Most
Attractive Employers

 66 %

of Large
sized employers

69 %

of Medium
sized employers


of Small
sized employers

WMAE 89%
Large 66%
Medium 69%
Small 61%
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Top Three Attributes in EVPs Around the Globe

  1. Attractive products
  2. Inspiring purpose
  3. Team-oriented work

  1. Inspiring purpose
  2. Team-oriented work
  3. Innovation

  1. Prestige
  2. Team-oriented work
  3. Friendly work environment

  1. Professional training & development
  2. Team-oriented work
  3. Secure employment


  1. Inspiring purpose
  2. Commitment to diversity and inclusion
  3. Respect for people


  1. Inspiring purpose
  2. Respect for people
  3. Team-oriented work

“We’ve been hearing about more challenging recruitment conditions for some time, but what has changed this year is that the world’s most iconic brands are voicing concern over the issue. The World’s Most Attractive Employers are 33% more likely than other large employers to say the hiring environment is getting harder, which may be an important barometer for the talent marketplace at large.”

Jonas Barck, CMO, Universum

About Employer Branding Now 2019

Survey Field Period
February 2019 – April 2019
Includes 1628 respondents from 45 countries.

WMAE Companies

The World’s Most Attractive Employers

Large Companies

10,000+ employees

Medium Companies

1,000 – 9,999 Employees

Small Companies

1 – 999 Employees

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