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WOMEN IN STEM 2023:  Progress or backsliding?  

New research from Universum uncovers what women in the STEM fields look for in future employers and careers – and offers action steps for employers aiming to attract and retain top female talent.

Women in STEM 2023 eBook

Numerous recent studies have attempted to identify the primary causes of the issue, such as the lack of pipelines for women in elementary and higher education, biases in the workplace and in the classroom that lead to higher attrition rates, or even the different career choices that men and women make in the STEM fields that contribute to inequality. 

Women in STEM 2023, gives companies concrete actions they can take to recruit more competent women, make sure those who do so are more likely to stay in their positions, and advance toward gender parity. 

The views, career objectives, and aspirations of university women who intend to engage in STEM professions are covered in the following topics:  

  • Understanding the STEM careers gender gap in 2023 
  • Women’s Career Priorities: Understanding local stories 
  • How important is “flexible work” for women? 
  • Top industries for women in STEM by country 
  • Building a Talent Attraction Roadmap for Women in STEM 

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