Eight Data-Driven Recommendations for Social Recruiting on Facebook

Eight Data-Driven Recommendations for Social Recruiting on Facebook

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Most people by now will agree that Facebook is a viable channel for recruitment. Based on Universum research from 2015,  87% of 1,5 million talent globally said that they want to hear from Employers via social media. So to assist you in carrying this out correctly, I have produced Eight Data-Driven Recommendations that will help you locate and reach out to the candidates you’re looking for amongst the other 1.3 billion of Facebook’s active users.

The channels to reach and attract talent are constantly evolving. Now more than ever, it’s imperative to stay ahead of the curve and adapt to the trends early in an optimized way that ensures long-term success. According to alexa.com, Facebook is the second most trafficked website in the world, and with 84% of job seekers having a Facebook profile, it is easy to see why social recruitment has become a huge phenomenon.

Companies have already started to unlock the potential with their employer brands and here are 8 simple recommendations to get you started.


  1. Build a career page: Avoid the clutter of mixing your company’s content with your employer brand. Your main company page has enough noise with updates on products and services, customer support and general branding. Your career page is a talent enticement, gathering users who are mainly interested in potentially working for your company.


  1. Create a content plan: Categorize what you post, when to post, and how frequent to post. Use human-centric themes to appeal to your fans such as employee experiences, industry insights and available positions.


  1. Measure performance: Posting engaging content is half the battle. To truly grow your recruitment prospects, you need to measure all aspects. What type of content performs best? When is the optimum time to post? How much does the page grow? Highlight your KPIs and measure on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Data is key, and by measuring your data, you will improve your overall results


  1. Boost your posts: The average organic reach (fans who see content from a page they like) is down to 5% due to increasing traffic from businesses, and the overall changes in Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm. Even the best designer and copywriter creating the ultimate content can get trapped in this organic bubble. By spending a small amount on each of your important content pieces, you guarantee that your audience will see it.


  1. Listen to your potential candidates: Your talent community will reach out with potential questions via messages, wall posts, inbox messages and comments on posts. They expect answers within the first few hours, and by satisfying their curiosity, you gain a more loyal talent community.


  1. Include strong call-to-actions: Make engaging content! Ask puzzling questions, open up discussions and create competitions. Let your talent community know that they’re encouraged to like, comment, and share. Mention this in your content without sounding too pushy, and it will have a greater chance of enhancing your social reach.


  1. Push referrals: 16% of all job seekers receive a job referral from a Facebook friend. By calling out friends to share with their network or tag their friends who might be interested, you grow your talent community further. This can be applied on both general career posts, or specific recruitment content.


  1. Advertise: If your career page does not have enough fans, look towards Facebook advertising options, especially when you’re looking to fill a certain position. Facebook offers accurate targeting possibilities, is very easy to use and is a relatively cheap source of external reach. You can build lookalike audiences that are similar to your fans, or audiences who are grouped as “interested” in your company, or even those interested in your competitors. Just like everything else, make sure you measure both your targeting groups and your content for optimal results.

To summarize: Facebook is one of the most viable channels to look for potential candidates. By establishing a strong presence, measuring results and creating advertising campaigns around referrals with a strong call to action, employers can unlock the potential of social recruiting on Facebook.