Europe’s Most Attractive Employers Ranking 2016

Europe’s Most Attractive Employers Ranking 2016


Google and Microsoft Claim Top Spots on the Business Ranking

Can leaders have a work/life balance?

Stockholm, October 4th – Business and engineering/IT students in Europe’s 12 largest economies have chosen their favorite employers. More than 190,000 European millennials in Universum’s Talent Survey have ranked the companies they find most desirable for employment, and the results delivered some valuable insights.

Career goals: Can leaders have a work/life balance?

While Russian and Polish talent rate job security as their top career goal, overall for the second year in a row, European business and engineering/IT students are actively in pursuit of obtaining a work/life balance. What’s interesting about this is the rise in the number of business talent ranking to be a leader or manager of people as their second top career goal.
Back in 2014, to be a leader or manager of people was ranked fourth by this group of students but since then it has climbed up one place year upon year to overtake last year’s second (now third) place career goal, to have an international career. Given that leadership and or managerial roles are not traditionally associated with a work/life balance, millennials could soon create a shift in mentality as well as changes to the current standards of management roles.
With regard to the career goals for engineering/IT talent, there have been no changes to the top career goals since last year, to have a work/life balance, to be secure/stable in my job and to be entrepreneurial or creative/innovative, remain the top three career choices respectively.

Business trends

There has been a mix of developments for FMCG companies (the most represented industry in this ranking) with just as many companies falling as climbing up the ranks. Banks are the second most represented company but unlike their counterpart’s in the FMCG industry, this year Banks have more companies falling in ranks than rising, yet Auditing & Accounting firms have more climbers than fallers. Banks are struggling to compete with tech firms for business talent, and as a result certain banks have fallen in the rankings, however due to the interest of Engineering/IT talent in joining professional and financial services firms, some banks have made strong advances in the Engineering/IT rankings.
Consequently, the rise in popularity of Auditing and Accounting firms has meant that the industry is now the most attractive industry, leading to Management Consulting losing some of its attractiveness.

Engineering/IT Trends

For a second year in a row Technology, Hardware and the Equipment industry have continued to lose their attractiveness, however, Software companies remain the most popular industry choice for European engineering/IT talent. This trend is reflected in the rankings as Google climbed four places to take the top spot, followed by fellow climber and last year’s 5th place holder, Microsoft. All Pharmaceutical companies climb in ranks and the industry has become more attractive which is also the case for the Auditing & Accounting industry.

Top 10 EMEA Rankings: Engineering/IT

Google has taken over the top spot followed by Microsoft in 2nd place, replacing Siemens which now sits in 3rd place. The BMW Group has moved down one position and now sits in 4th place followed by last year’s number 1, IBM. GE has moved up one spot since last year and now sits in 6th place followed by Bosch which climbed two places. The Airbus Group moved down two places from 6th to 8th, followed by Nestle which also descended one place. The 10th place holder is non-mover Daimler/Mercedes-Benz.

Top 10 EMEA Rankings: Business

Compared to the Engineering/IT ranking, the business rankings are much more stable this year with Google, L’Oréal Group and Microsoft keeping their respective top three positions. PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) climbed one place to 4th place whilst EY moved down one spot to 5th place. KPMG climbed two places to claim 6th place, followed by non-mover Unilever in 7th place. Deloitte enters the top ten this year in 8th place having climbed six positions. McKinsey & Company moved down three places and now sits in 9th place, followed by another new entrant to the top ten and last year’s number eleven, Goldman Sachs.
For more info and full rankings, go to: https://universumglobal.com/europe2016/
Europe’s Most Attractive Employer companies, must rank in the top 90% of employers within at least four regional markets. If an employer is not listed or is ranked outside the top 90% in a market, it gets a default ranking which is equal to the position of the last company in the top 90% for that market. Results are weighted by GDP, so that a high ranking position in Germany has a greater influence than a high ranking position in Belgium, for example.
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