Employer Brand governance remains relatively low

Employer Brand governance remains relatively low

We asked executives whether they use employer brand guidelines to ensure consistent application of the EVP and employer brand. Responses show adoption rates are fairly low – far lower than the adoption of corporate brand guidelines. As companies engage online, governance is critical to ensure consistency and minimize risk.

Managing employer brand identity online is particularly thorny as outreach is often conducted in real-time (or near-real-time), without long planning cycles or detailed oversight.


Workforce planning strategies still in early days

For all the talk about workforce planning over the last five years, the practice remains frustratingly difficult for organizations to adopt – in particular for smaller companies. Just one-quarter of organizations describe their workforce planning efforts as “advanced.”

We expect this number will continue to rise as software companies race to develop solutions that do not require advanced data skills, and are therefore within reach of smaller and mid-size companies.



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