Employer Brand must shape the experience of your brand

Employer Brand must shape the experience of your brand

Widespread recognition that employer brand must shape the experience of your brand, not just perception.EBNow_graph_11

Not long ago, employer branding felt more like an exercise in wishful thinking. Companies would describe their organizations more as they would like them to be than as they were, and candidates experienced an uncomfortable misalignment between positioning and reality.
Today, most understand that employer brands must mirror the lived experience of talent interacting with your organization – whether internal or prospective. (A company that misrepresents itself will be punished on employer review sites like Glassdoor and other employer ranking platforms.)
Interestingly, when we ask those involved in employer brand management whether their strategy broadly shapes candidates’ and employees’ experiences, most (77 percent on average in large companies) say it does. Yet when we dive into the details – asking specifically about each aspect of the process – affirmative response rates are much lower.
When asked specifically where the employer brand is applied, the majority focus on candidate / on boarding experience, while fewer apply it to ongoing people management.

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