Employer Value Proposition

Why is the Employer Value Proposition important?

The employer value proposition  is a unique set of offerings, associations and values that a company signals. Think about it, all companies signals something, whether they know it or not. These signals should influence target candidates and employees in a positive way for the associated company. A company needs a unique employer value proposition to stand out from its competitors. It is supposed to show what a potential employee can expect form working at your company. Thus reflecting what employees at the company believe the company stands for and what is needed to be employed. The Employer Value Proposition gives current and future employees a reason to work for an employer and reflects the company’s competitive advantage. Employers that manage their Employer Value Proposition effectively benefit from an increase in their talent pool and employee engagement. Typically, less attractive employers need to pay a wage premium to get top talent whereas attractive employers do not.

What are the benefits of having an Employer Value Proposition?

When you create an Employer Value proposition, it is important that you form your decision on data. By analyzing the factors influencing the employer brand, and by defining a strong and true Employer Value Proposition, the employer will be able to deliver sound and consistent communications. This will help developing an attractive, as well as unique, employer brand. The Employer Value Proposition provides attributes and themes to be used as a long-term foundation for your branding and creative work. It ensures that the communication and branding done by a company is consistent, unique, true and relevant to important target groups. Employers that develop their Employer Value Proposition successfully benefit from an increase in their talent pool and employee engagement.

The solution that the Employer Value Proposition delivers

Universum’s advisory team have helped many corporations in building their Employer Value Proposition. Our advisory team guides you through a simple three phase process to understand your employer brand, decide your brand positioning and plan your communication. We analyze market data to provide insights on how the employer value proposition should be developed. Thepicture below illustrates the process and different steps needed to successfully position an employer brand. The main strategic objective of any employer value proposition should be to create a consistent look and feel across channels and markets. In other words, it should encompass all communication and branding despite adaptations to global, regional, national, divisional or experience-based audiences. The employer value proposition should be attractive, true, credible, sustainable and distinct.

Developed an Employer Value Proposition? What next?

You always need to be up to date on how your Employer Brand is perceived and how that perception changes over time. When you have developed an Employer Value Proposition, you might wonder how you can monitor your employer branding.  Universum has created a tool to monitor your Employer Branding on Social Media called Access Social. Access Social can help you asses how your Employer Branding performs in Social Media.

Want to learn more about Employer Branding?

If you want to learn more about employer branding, Universum in partnership with the Employer Branding Academy offers an 8-week certified training programme in strategic employer brandingOur Employer Branding Academy  is a methodical, tested & proprietary training program for HR and employer branding professionals who want to instantly increase their career value as a professional, build a world-class network of like-minded experts, and learn the exact skills they need to attract and retain the very best talent for their company in 2018 and beyond.
Not only do we help people learn more about Employer Branding, Universum also wants to make Employer Branding strategies available for everyone. Increase your understanding of all the challenges your company faces when it comes to attract, recruit and retain talent today by joining the largest employer branding community in the world. With the help of a strong Employer brand, your company will be able to increase the number of quality applicants, reduce your costs per recruitment and differentiate yourself from competitors.

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