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Develop an appealing Employer Value Proposition

The importance of strengthening your Employer Brand Through Your EVP.

Discover the formula for Employer Value Proposition Success 

Proven year after year, across a broad portfolio of global and local clients, EVP development process is all about positioning your employer brand in a way that is Attractive, Authentic, Distinctive and Strategic. Is there a formula to it? Absolutely!  That said, is it a one-size-fits-all solution? Absolutely not. An EVP needs to be specific to your company and the talent you wish to attract, and this is where Universum can ensure the EVP encompasses the right attributes to attract and retain the right talents. 

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Why your EVP matters

When it comes to recruitment, these are uncertain times. There has been a shift in the way we work, when we work and who we want to work for, thus resulting in a host of unfamiliar challenges as an employer. Decreasing resources, hybrid working, and, perhaps the most unnerving of all, an extreme talent shortage are just some of the many factors at play.

Faced with such uncertainty, the need to strengthen your Employer Brand has never been more critical. Maintaining (or indeed regaining) your position on the map as an employer of choice in a fast-changing world is vital. By having a dynamic, relevant Employer Value Proposition (EVP) you can mitigate these challenges and are proven to lay the foundation for the future.

Working with Universum

At Universum we will accompany you on your Employer Value Proposition journey in two ways – Strategically and Creatively. 

For the strategic portion of EVP development, we are always involved in the research, analysis of data, and formulation of the Employer Value Proposition. This is furthered by examples of reasons to believe, and of course, measurable quotas. Any time an EVP is created with the help of Universum, this is always done.

For the creative portion of EVP development, you can choose to be guided through the creative position of your Employer Value Proposition. In this step we will develop creative ideas and provide you with distinct, unique, and attractive Employer Branding guidelines to bring your EVP to life.

Universum projects

Over the years we have worked alongside many amazing clients that have allowed our work to take place, while also bringing success to the Employer Branding goals of our clients. These clients have given us permission to share our achievements from their projects with the world.  

Here you will find some success stories of our EVP creation with clients in both the strategic and creative aspects.  

While we stand behind our work, we believe it’s best for you to hear from a client’s perspective how Universum has helped them in their EVP creation process.

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“The Quest” by Unilever 

“Unilever Calling” was a unique campaign idea created by Universum. The campaign showcased ambassadors scheduling calls, and following up on potential new recruits for the 2022 intake of the Unilever Future Leaders League in MENA.  

Universum created a series of scripts and provided them to Unilever for their video content. These videos were then packaged into short snippets, and posted on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat successively over the course of 8 weeks. 

In total, the campaign gathered 205,000 link clicks, was displayed 3.4 million times in 13 countries, and overall resulted in 11,757 applications to Unilever. 

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“Unleash Your Nature”

The objective of our project with FrieslandCampina was to define a global EVP that would guide all further Employer Branding initiatives, both internally and externally.

The project was facing several challenges connected to the ongoing business transformation process on the global level and the existence of many local Employer Branding initiatives. The successful Global EVP for FrieslandCampina was aimed at representing the essence of the company culture and the global diversity of the employees. Being relevant to & differentiated on the local talent markets, and being aligned with the company’s future direction.

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EVP Development

Siemens’ Development of a new Employer Value Proposition

In order to once again earn top positions in the employer rankings, the main objective of the EVP project was halting and reversing the trend of Siemens’ slow but steady decline as soon as possible. The aim was to begin expressing and communicating in a more prominent manner about what Siemens does.

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Your EVP: distinctive, tailored and in tune

When talent asks “why” they should work for you, your EVP provides the answer! It enables you to stand out from the crowd, reflects the essence of who you are as a company, and delivers versatile, long-term benefits that solve your strategic employer branding challenges. 

It’s the foundation for attracting the right talent to your business. It reminds your employees why they joined, thrived and should stay, and it acts as the catalyst for the change you wish to see within your organisation, now and into the future. 

Working closely with our talent team, Universum has helped to develop a clearer and more compelling employer brand strategy and framework. This has enabled us to communicate our employer brand proposition more consistently and effectively both globally and locally.

Ted Meulenkamp

Global Talent Attraction Lead, Mondelez International

Partnering with you to achieve purposeful reach

Working with you to maximise the scope and impact of your Employer Brand is what we do best. But don’t just take our word for it, see how we’ve created EVPs that are not only built to last, but speak to who our clients truly are as employers. 

Let us help you today! Contact us now to start building your EVP that will bring continual success to your company!

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