What Do Engineering Students Look For in a Manufacturing Employer?

What Do Engineering Students Look For in a Manufacturing Employer?

3340913Manufacturers know how important it is to recruit the best engineers for their company. Recruiting begins with having a good reputation; no one wants to work for someone who doesn’t have respect in the industry. Engineers also want to work with products they believe in. Recognizing that you need a good reputation is easy, but defining what makes a good reputation is much harder.

Universum recently polled engineering graduates interested in manufacturing throughout 13 different countries. These countries included Brazil, China, the UK, the US, the UAE, and several others. The questions were focused on one thing: what attributes engineering students found most attractive in a potential employer. Below are just a few findings from this important study.

Top Two Most Important Characteristics

Most importantly, employers should be perceived as innovative and have the most exciting products on the market in order to attract employees. Engineers have spent years and generated large amounts of debt to learn how to make things better. These engineers want to continue that path of learning and exploring in their professional lives. Companies that are innovative and build exciting products are the most likely to offer the opportunities that engineers value.

Europe and The US vs. Rest of World

After reviewing the data, it is clear that engineers in Europe and the US had different priorities than their counterparts in other parts of the world. For example, 55 percent of engineering students interested in manufacturing in the US and Europe found a potential employer’s products to be an important factor in making an employment decision. Only 28 percent of engineering students interested in manufacturing in the other countries polled found a potential employer’s products to be an important factor. The data from Universum’s study reveals that culture can have a significant impact on engineer’s professional desires.

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