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Love & Process: Using Predictive Data in a D&I Recruiting Strategy

Tuesday 21st July, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


If 2020 has shown us anything it is that a multicultural world with globalization and interconnectedness comes with a few consequences. This year has been an eye-opening call for many organizations. Adaptability and innovation proved to be vital to survive unexpected changes in workplace dynamics.

Now, events of social injustice bring back to the table the Diversity & Inclusion conversation, a well-regarded aspect for management teams for the last decade but still a social debt that goes far beyond filling quotas.  

So, let’s talk about D&I in a 2020 way: from a data perspective. This isn’t about just taking measures of your current situation, but as a way to move the needle, to create the change you seek in your company.

Modern D&I strategy is successful when it moves beyond predictable platitudes and focuses on clean and meaningful outcomes that everyone in the business can see.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why the “standard” approach of measuring headcount just isn’t enough
  • How to frame a D&I conversation around business need to get away from quotas and tokenization
  • An inbound strategy based on attraction rather than persuading
  • How companies like yours use predictive data to change the makeup of their interview pools

To see how you can use predictive metrics to get things done, please join us on July 21st at 12 pm ET for an open conversation about data-driven D&I with experts Torin Ellis, Gabriel Hitt, and James Ellis.