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Talent Outlook 2023

Join us on February 14th for our annual Talent Outlook webinar! We will be hosting two separate sessions, at 10.00 am and at 4.00 pm (CET)

Tuesday 14th February, 10:00 AM CET


Uncover our 2023 Employer Branding predictions

We would like to invite you to join us on February 14th to kick off the year with our annual Talent Outlook webinar.  The host, Richard Mosley, Universum’s Global Head of Strategy, will discuss the key challenges and trends Employer Branding and talent acquisition experts should pay attention to in 2023.  

During this free one-hour session, Richard will cover:  

  • Hiring Outlook: How the downturn will affect the balance of power between employers and candidates 
  • Target Value Propositions : Why target marketing is increasingly essential to secure the best talent 
  • Data Driven Decision Making : How performance metrics can help you win the budgets you need to succeed 
  • Turning Outside In : Why you need to take a more integrated approach to your employer branding, talent acquisition and retention  
  • Standing Out from the Crowd : How to identify realistic points of difference in a highly crowded market 
Richard Mosley, Author and Global Head of Strategy at Universum
Richard Mosley, Author and
Global client director at Universum

We will be hosting two separate sessions, at 10.00 am and at 4.00 pm (CET) so you can choose which one works better for you. 

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