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Webinar: The missing element in your Pharma/Biotech Employer Brand

Tuesday 31st March, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Do you remember the last time hiring got easier? We invest in technology and processes, and yet, hiring keeps getting tougher. And while this is a common issue at many companies, the problem is compounded with the pharma/biotech sector. Limited talent pools, intense competition and poaching, and complicated consumer brand halos make the process of finding and hiring great talent hard for everyone.

One way pharma and biotech companies can change the paradigm and invest in their employer brand to attract a higher number of candidates. But there is something missing in most pharma-driven employer brands: Data.

Please join us on March 31, when James Ellis of Universum will host a free webinar to cover the key challenges and trends for Pharma & Biotech companies when it comes to employer branding, including a primer on how brands that invest in data gain a measurable advantage in attracting and hiring talent.

Based on data from the world’s largest talent survey and 30-plus years of experience developing talent attraction strategies for the world’s largest companies, you’ll learn how to leverage data to support their own employer brands and meeting their talent goals. You’ll learn how to see your own employer brand architecture in a way that allows it to speak more directly and more powerfully to various audiences without feeling misaligned.

You’ll learn how to make better messaging and content choices to ensure your efforts yield the results you and your leadership expect.


James Ellis


James Ellis is the Chicago-based Director of Employer Brand for Universum. With more than 20 years’ experience as a digital marketer in virtually every aspect of marketing, James has spent the last six as an employer brand practitioner. He has consulted startups and Fortune 100 companies, developed employer brand activation teams, and ran the global employer brand for a Fortune 1000 company. He has become a noted voice and champion of doing employer brand better. Author of The Employer Brand Manifesto and the Recruiting Content Funnel, his writing has been published by Recruiting Daily, ERE, Indeed, Recruitment Marketing Magazine and many others. His podcast The Talent Cast is entering its fourth year of production, he is regularly invited to speak around the world on how employer brand can be used to reinvent companies, and his first employer brand book is expected to arrive in 2020. 

Join us on:

Date: March 31st, 2020

Time: 11:00 am (New York Time)

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