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"The Deep Dive" | WMAE 2022

Please join us for this year's deep dive session into the data from the World's Most Attractive Employers survey.

Tuesday 29th November, 10:00 AM CET


The Deep Dive webinar with the latest WMAE insights

Please join us on November 29th, when Richard Mosley, Global Client Director and Tina Smetana, Head of EMEA will dig deeper into this year’s findings from the World’s Most Attractive Employers report.

During this free one-hour session, Universum will present:  

  • Five significant global student talent trends 
  • The employers identified as the World’s Most Attractive
  • Ideal preferences vs. real-world choices
  • Hygiene factors vs. ranking drivers
  • Why it’s time to re-evaluate the ‘give’ and ‘get’ of the employment deal
  • Four key practices leading employers use to attract critical talent

Due to the high level of interest in this topic from employers around the globe, we have set up two separate times for you to join this webinar – 10 am CET and 4 pm CET.  

If you haven’t downloaded the World’s Most Attractive Employers 2022 report you can do so here!

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