The evolution of recruiting channels

The evolution of recruiting channels

Recruiting Channels

Nowhere is the evolution of recruiting strategies more evident than in channel preferences. Social recruiting, employee referrals and alumni networks are all rising in popularity, usage of job boards is leveling off, and third-party recruiting and print advertising are sinking more precipitously.
This marks a larger shift to a more social, networked approach to recruiting – where rather than large-scale, broad campaigns, daily engagement online through dozens of channels to key audiences rules. Given that nearly half of CEOs say they’re planning to increase headcount in 2017, navigating these channels successfully is critically important.
While dedicated career including LinkedIn, remain top social channels, unlikely entrants like YouTube and Instagram are muscling into the line-up.
To engage effectively online, employer brands must develop content – be it educational, inspiring, entertaining or purely informational. They must also understand what types of content belong in each channel and what demographic/ profile uses each channel – to say nothing of optimizing all of the above to make it more effective. The winners will be those who get in first, experiment and learn more quickly than their peers.
A sure sign of growing competence is lower lead times to publish content for social channels. Small companies lead in this respect; 66 percent say they publish “as and when needed” (compared to 43 percent in larger companies). Still, it’s a long way to go to professionalize the practice of social media marketing for talent attraction.
One-third of large employers are not publishing content on Facebook and YouTube, which we believe means these companies are only using talent-related sites like LinkedIn to publish open positions, rather than using social channels to engage in an ongoing relationship with talent – a big missed opportunity. And large global companies are doing little to expand their message into regionally specific channels or niche sites like WeChat, Renren and Weibo.

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