EVPs: Still not a pervasive tactic

EVPs: Still not a pervasive tactic

33% use an external partner to develop their EVP.

In a red-hot talent market, the employer value proposition (EVP) helps crystallize what an employer offers to the employee and is a critical tool in talent attraction. Getting it right is a foundational exercise for global organizations competing for top talent.

Our research shows that 61 percent of organizations have an EVP in place. Yet when we drill down and look at how different stakeholders answered, it’s clear that the problem is as much poor communication as a lack of strategy. Eighty-one percent of employer branding professionals say they indeed have developed an EVP, while only 44 percent of CEOs say the same. In HR, 61 percent say they have developed an EVP, and 63 percent of those in marketing say the same.

For those working in employer branding, the message is clear: Even if you have developed an employer branding proposition, it may not be working effectively if a significant number of those in HR, marketing and the C-level don’t know it exists.

EVPs: Still not a pervasive tactic
When asked what resources their organizations used to develop an EVP, we found a wide diversity of answers. Almost 60 percent developed it internally, and of those, a little more than half used external data to do so. One third (33 percent) used a creative agency or employer branding experts to develop it.


Reviews about the EVP in use were mixed. Fifty-five percent say they are satisfied with how it was developed and almost half say they are satisfied with how it was activated internally and externally (48 percent and 47 percent, respectively).

We found, however, that those who developed an EVP in cooperation with an external partner were much more likely to be satisfied, compared with other methods – 62 percent of those who developed an EVP with an external partner, for example, were satisfied compared to 57 percent of those having worked only with internal resources. Those working with outside firms were also much more likely to be satisfied with how the EVP was activated externally; 61 percent of those working with agencies were satisfied, compared with an average of 51 percent for others.


We also asked what activities help to engage an internal audience. No single choice wins rave reviews, though the top three cited are workshops with current employees (35 percent), intranet (29 percent) and social media (25 percent).