EY Best Practice Careers Page

EY Best Practice Careers Page

According to Pardot’s latest findings* in content marketing, communication professionals have 1/20 of a second to make an impression on their audience. Thereafter, marketers have 10 seconds to communicate clearly to their audience before they lose their public’s attention. If that is the case and if an HR person applies this to graduate recruitment, the big question that all HR professionals should be asking themselves is if their careers page is making an immediate impact on potential new hires. Thus, it might be time for many professionals to reexamine their careers page.

Now looking at one of the professional service firms, an industry the relies heavily on recruiting the best people and has high recruitment needs, one would assume that they are utilizing their career page to the fullest to get new people on board. EY’s career page happens to be an excellent best practice for how an organization should make an impact. Without looking into the details of their job application process or the content on their page, EY succeeds in making a positive impression.

4 best practices for a careers page:

• Offer a clear brand promise — “Opportunities that stay with you for life” is what EY offers
• Appeal to a diverse workforce
• Show the organization’s radiant professionals in action
Address clearly the different target groups to recruit — for EY it’s students & experienced professionals

One could assume that the people below are real EY employees and that the professional service firm is giving an authentic inside look. From a first impression perspective, EY manages to hit the nail on the head. Recruiters should re-examine their career pages and evaluate if the site is fulfilling some basic requirements. More importantly, HR should honestly ask itself if it’s making a positive and effective impression within a split second.


EY Best Practice Careers Page



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