FMCG is as Fast Moving as the Products It Sells

FMCG is as Fast Moving as the Products It Sells

FMCG is as Fast Moving as the Products It Sells

Technological progress has changed almost every industry in the past few years, but disruption has been especially high in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry. Omni-channel retailing, or the process of selling goods seamlessly across a variety of physical and digital locations, is an absolute requirement if your FMCG business is to survive.

But omni-channel retailing is an evolving phenomenon that requires learning about how to use Big Data and analytics. Your firm needs to be innovative, flexible and able to learn about new developments as they arise. To be able to do this, your talent attraction strategies need to be optimized in order to attract a key set of skills that will allow your business to improve their omni-channel retailing. More importantly, your employer branding needs to be aligned with what prospective employees want in order to attract the right talent.

Here are a few tips on what you can do to get the employees who can think innovatively and will influence the future of retail.

Be a Destination, Not a Job

The proliferation of the Internet has led to more choices, which makes it hard to stand out. You need to become a destination for candidates, which you can do by understanding what employees want and aligning your employer brand with it. Work-life balance is routinely the most important characteristic a Millennial employee is looking for, but that doesn’t mean that they only want to work 40 hours a week. Work-life means blending an employee’s professional and personal life so that there is no conflict between the two. Employees want to be proud of what they do and to use all of their personal strengths for their professional advancement. If you can brand yourself as a company that can provide that setting in the upmost respect of your people candidates will flock to you.

Set a Path Towards Achievement

FMCG graduates value professional development and are ambitious. A recent study found that 54 percent of FMCG graduates want employers that provide the best professional training, while 51 percent want leaders who actively support their development. FMCG graduates also rate the possibility of professional advancement highly, with 40 percent saying that a clear promotion progression rates high on how they evaluate potential employers. So when it comes to your employer branding, you want to specify how you are going to provide your employees training and mentorship. You also should discuss how employees can continue to learn and advance in your firm beyond any formal program and how you identify and train future leaders.

Be Where the Candidates Are

Marketing yourself to candidates is vital, but you have limited resources and time. It doesn’t make sense to sink resources into channels that do not provide a good return. Over 50% of all FMCG candidates get their information from four sources:

  • Employer websites (68%)
  • Social media (63%)
  • Career fairs (53%)
  • Job boards (51%)

What you post showcase on these channels should reflect your branding. Emphasize how these jobs align with current employees’ personal goals and skill sets. Use your website to explain how employees are trained and develop their personal skills. Post tweets quoting employees on their experiences with their mentors. These are just a few tips regarding how you can use the most popular communication channels to convey the most important messages to potential candidates.

You can find more facts discussed in greater detail in Universum’s new e-book on attracting talent in the FMCG industry, which you can download here. Universum is a HR service provider that can provide the insight and strategies you need to get the employees you want. Contact us today if you need help to develop your employer brand.

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