Focus groups

Why is this important?

Focus groups allow you to gain deeper insights into any topic and get the candid responses that only third-party facilitators can provide. Universum takes great care to create a discussion guide designed to obtain the information you seek and provide you with a full understanding of the issues, including direct quotes from your target group.

What are the benefits?

• Gain detailed qualitative insights based on a tailored discussion guide developed to cover the relevant topics.
Quantitative data is only as good as the understanding behind it. Students may be looking for “challenging work,” but what does that actually mean to them? A recruitment campaign might not be achieving the desired results, but what messages are the students taking from it?
Delving into the reasons behind the data provides you with the in-depth, actionable knowledge you need to make informed decisions about how to best position your employer brand and offerings.

What is the solution?

• Universum suggests 6-8 participants for each in-person group or 10-15 participants for each online group.
• In-person focus groups offer more interaction/synergy between the participants with discussion on complex topics. However, these limit you to one location and voices may be drowned out by one or two participants.
• Online focus groups offer the ability to transcend geographical boundaries and more easily integrate media, communication/website testing and materials into the conversation, but offer limited interaction.
• For external focus groups, Universum recruits the participants based on the client needs (e.g. from certain target schools, areas of study, etc.). For internal focus groups, the client provides the participants.
• Focus groups will be facilitated by an experienced moderator and can be conducted in local languages if necessary.

For more info, contact B2B@universum.se