Future trends presented by the 2013 HR tech conference

Future trends presented by the 2013 HR tech conference

Future trends presented by the 2013 HR tech conference

Future trends presented by the 2013 HR tech conference. HR professionals claim that the world of recruiting has and continues to change dramatically. In the past, one would broadcast jobs. According to Kevin Wheeler, a RolePoint Advisor, it was a long and inexact process and a lot of time and energy was spent to select candidates.

Now, social media and the internet have changed that completely. What’s more, a typical scenario of today and in the future is that two or three jobseekers find the hiring manager, pull out the person’s social profile, and learn about his or her hiring style and success, including how the team collaborates, says Gerry Crispin, the co-founder of CareerXroads. In turn, employers are and will continue to look at the social profiles of candidates to determine if there is a good cultural match between the prospective hire and the organisation.

At the 2013 HR tech conference, a number of spokespeople from the industry were interviewed about future trends. From gathering the various sound bites, a list of the key future trends is presented below.

• Companies will start to adopt consumer programs, which are not HR focused, to help solve HR problems.
• Organizations will focus on internal mobility and referrals as the primary methods to find employees in the future.
• Organizations will have to change the type of work offered to accommodate new hires more as partners than subordinates.
Social and mobile will continue to be important topics in the HR and recruitment world.
• There will be increased fluidity in the market place, as companies will rely more and more on contingent workforces. Consequently, vendors in the recruitment space will have to develop to the new needs that an increasingly dynamic environment will create.
• Companies will evaluate candidates according to their social profiles to determine how they are going to fit culturally in the organization.
• There will be more targeted messaging to people, done in a way that individuals understand and feel passionate about.
• There will be an effort to converge various departmental systems, best practices and technologies to avoid different teams from working in silos.
• Companies will increasingly focus on the candidate experience to help build a favorable employer reputation.



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