Gen Z Work-Life Fears

Gen Z Work-Life Fears

Gen Z work life fearsOn the whole, Generation Z is optimistic about the years ahead, even if realistic about the challenges they face. Our research indicates 65 percent are hopeful about the future (roughly evenly split between “somewhat hopeful” or “very hopeful”). However, compared to Gen Y, their outlook is significantly less optimistic about whether their quality of life will surpass that of their parents, particularly in the US and Western Europe.

What exactly are Generation Z’s career-related fears? More than a third fear they won’t find a job that matches their personality or that they will work in a role that doesn’t allow for development opportunities. Close behind is the fear of underperforming and the fear of not fulfilling career goals.

It’s important to note, however, that these findings vary widely by country. For example, the fear of not finding a job that “matches my personality” is a common fear in Japan and Hong Kong, where more than half choose it. Yet in China this figure is only 29 percent (Chinese students are significantly more likely than the global average to fear getting stuck with no development opportunities). See figure 2.

How can organizations take advantage?

  • Country-level discrepancies are critically important for global employers to understand, as it affects how recruiting and employee engagement efforts must be localized to match the attitudes of those students.
  • Organizations that are able to tailor their employer value propositions to a specific high-value audience – and in the case of Gen Z, do so well before competitors have reached them – can greatly improve brand recognition and brand perception among this cohort.


Figure 2: What are your greatest fears regarding your work life? 

Gen Z work life fears

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