Google gets criticized on Quora

Google gets criticized on Quora

Google gets criticized on QuoraGoogle gets criticized on Quora. Even the world’s most attractive employer isn’t free from negative remarks. We are truly living in a transparent world where every company can be scrutinized by its employees, without exception…Google.

Business Insider took a look at a Quora thread and highlighted some of the major complaints, by what it seems are ex- Googlers/employees. Until now, the thread has 27 answers to the question: “What’s the worst part about working at Google?” Jim Edwards takes a selection and highlights what could be some critical issues.

What Googlers complain about at Google

1. Hiring overqualified people for simple roles
2. Being unable, as an employee, to make a difference
3. Arrogant engineers
4. Mediocre middle management concerned only by metrics and lacking skills to inspire their teams
5. Poor in designing products
6. Cramped office space
7. Vague and undelivered promises
8. Not being allowed to work remotely
9. Immature culture and Googlers caught up in trivia
10. Disrespecting temp workers

Will the list continue? Well, it’s impossible to please everybody. And it’s human nature to complain. There’s no reason for Google to panic, unless of course, this blows out of proportion, which is highly unlikely considering the company’s reputable reputation.

It’s not the comments per se that are interesting, but more what Quora and the Business Insider article represent for marketing, communication and employer branding professionals. It’s a good example of how a dialogue gets started in social media and then gets picked up by a media outlet.  The article on Business Insider has already been viewed by over a million people. Before the rise of social media and the Internet, most critical opinions about an employer could be contained. Nowadays, however, nothing is a secret. Today, people are free to express their opinions openly to the world.

What does this mean? Nobody is free from bad publicity, even if you’ve been nominated five times in a row, like Google has,  as the world’s most attractive employer. Therefore, it’s imperative for professionals to closely monitor what is being said about their employer brand and act if necessary to minimize any negative impact. As a communication and marketing professional, you always have to have your eyes and ears open.

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