Google is the Netherlands’ most attractive employer

Google is the Netherlands’ most attractive employer

NetherlandsIn the business category, Google takes the first position followed by Heineken and Coca-Cola. In the engineering/IT/natural sciences category, Google is also number one, followed by Philips and Apple.

Based on the preferences of over 10 000 students, Universum is releasing the talent attraction index “The Netherlands’ Ideal Employers 2013”, the largest student survey in the country.

“More than ever, the Dutch students are looking for soft values when they choose their ideal employers. Above all, they want a creative and dynamic work environment and this is something Google offers”, says Laura Mulder, Universum´s Country Manager in the Netherlands.

The research reveals new findings:

Global success attracts

Global players with well-known products are the dream employers for the students, and for the first time Google tops both of the categories. Apple is also ranked highly on both of the lists, as is Heineken, which keeps the second position on the business ranking and enters the top ten on the engineering list. Other top-ranked Dutch companies with a global presence are Philips and Shell.

Management and strategy consulting increasingly popular

To work as a management and strategy consultant is becoming increasingly popular, especially among the engineering students. The major international firms McKinsey & Company, Accenture and Bain & Company are all climbing on the Dutch ranking. The increase in attractiveness of management and strategy consultancies is seen on several markets. The tobacco firms are less popular, which runs in line with the fact that more students want to be dedicated to a cause or feel that they are serving a greater good.

25% want to go abroad

The top associations with the ideal employers are international and innovative. 36% of the students indicate that they would prefer to work for an international organization. When asked about where they would like to start their first employment after graduation, 25% of the Dutch students indicated that they want to go abroad. In Italy this number is as high as 40%, while in Germany only 22% of the students want to start to work outside their home country.

Gen Y is looking for work/life balance

Having work/life balance has once again become the most important career goal for the Dutch students. The second most important goal is to be entrepreneurial or creative/innovative, which is very highly ranked in an international comparison. Being competitively or intellectually challenged is also essential for Dutch students. “In several other European countries, the students choose “to be secure or stable in my job” when asked about the foremost career goal, and just like the higher willingness to go abroad, this is probably because of the economic crisis. However, in the Netherlands, the new king has really increased optimism in the country.” concludes Laura Mulder.

The first 10 ideal employers for 10 195 students, segmented by main field of study:

The Netherlands’ Top 10—Business
1. Google
2. Heineken
3. Coca-Cola
4. Apple
5. KLM
6. Unilever
7. Rabobank
8. Nike
9. L’Oréal
10. Rijksoverheid

The Netherlands’ Top 10—Engin/IT/Nat Sc
1. Google
2. Philips
3. Apple
4. Shell
5. Rijksoverheid
6. Microsoft
7. Unilever
8. KLM
9. TNO
10. Heineken

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