High Achievers: Attract and Recruit

High Achievers: Attract and Recruit

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High achieving students and graduates are setting themselves apart from their peers among the pool of talent battling to win the top jobs. In order for employers to also be one step ahead of the competition, it is wise to understand how to attract and engage the future leaders of your ambitious workforce.

Who are the high achievers?

The individuals who maintain their positions in the top tiers of the best academic institutions in the world are known as the high achievers. Whether they are currently studying or recently graduated, the high achievers are paving the way to becoming the future leaders and global drivers of change. Using Universum’s latest report, Attracting High Achievers: Are they really that different? We are given an opportunity to better understand the high achievers and discover what motivates them to think differently.

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Career goals

Each organization will have its own ideas about what goals they want their workforce to achieve. Nevertheless, it is vital for an employer and its recruitment team to understand the values and needs of the top talent as individuals. Knowledge of this information allows companies to provide the best possible environment to the leaders, both future and current, who will drive business forward and produce the best possible results. The stand out result in terms of career goals for high achievers, is to have a good work and life balance. Alongside the need to have security and stability in their roles, high achievers do not want to jeopardize this by being overworked and pressurized. The long-term focus of a high achiever is to become a leader of people rather than gain a specific technical or functional skills. High achievers are a part of an ever-changing environment in 2016, and the leadership role is an inevitable reflection of the high achievers’ craving for challenges and unique responsibilities.

What employer attributes do high achievers seek?

The entrepreneurial factor is overtaken by the desire for guidance from current successful leaders. To possess the urge to be a leader does not necessarily mean that candidates will eventually go solo. The traditional job, in comparison to entrepreneurship, allows for the negotiation for flexibility or setting better boundaries for your role.  The best students learn from the best teachers and therefore, much like the continuation of a prestigious environment, a high achiever looks for consistency in experience and success. High future earnings is not surprisingly sitting at the top of the pile for both high achievers and other students. However, this comes as a result of the creative and dynamic work environment sought after by high achievers to challenge themselves in.

High achievers vs Average students

The studies of high achievers’ profiles supports the definitions of how students view themselves as employees. We are introduced to business students and graduates who boast an ambitious and determined outlook and back it up with their actions. Elsa, a final year business administration students fulfils her management goals by undertaking an internship to gain the practical experience, and valuable networking opportunities a careerist obtains to achieve a leader status. Hugo, on the other hand, is a graduate of a Masters in Business Law and Economics. As an internationalist, he is expected to be strategic, future-focused and adaptable. He puts this into practice by gaining international experience to develop his knowledge of the global economy. With a role that opens doors to travel, Hugo meets fulfills his need to gain a role that offers variety and diversity.

What do employers need to think about?

It is important for employers not to misunderstand the information provided to them regarding valuing high achievers. This can be the case when defining the work/life balance, which as we know, is highly sought after by high achievers. The aspiration can easily be misinterpreted as a stereotypical laziness among the younger generation who repel the idea of working hard or ‘out of hours’. Universum helped define this work/life balance as having enough leisure time in their private lives, more flexible work hours and receiving recognition and respect. Honesty in the workplace is also value that is appreciated worldwide. It is crucial for organizations to avoid misrepresenting themselves when engaging with top talent, particularly when using social media channels. Don’t hide away from the fact that your company faces challenges. Present these obstacles honestly and gain credibility but also deter the candidates that would not be equipped to face them.

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